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We are professional

●World leader team in mold engineering
●Rich experience craftsman to control mold spotting
●Creative project manager deal with difficulties in your project
●Professional express and logistics all over the world

Our Value

●Team Spirit
●Commitment to Continuous Improvement
●Honesty and Integrity
●Dedication and Innovation
●Customer Driven

Why choose us?

●High Quality&Cost-effective
●Avoid the risk of dealing with many Chinese mould manufacturers
●Double assurance of project management and quality inspection
●Quickly turnround for each process
●Best after sales and maintenance services

World leader mold technology

Precision machining equipment

Strict quality control system

Excellent after sales

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Unscrewing Mold

1, Motor and Gear for unscrewing
2, Hydraulic, Rack and Gear for unscrewing
3, Helical spindle and Gear for un...

Thin Wall Mold

Speed is one of the key attributes of successful thin-wall molding. Faster filling and higher pressures are required to ...

Stack Mold

A stack mold can be described as a series of interconnected, same-sized, single-face molds, where the molds are “stacked...

LIM Mold

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) and Transfer Molding are preferred processes for manufacturing solid silicone rubber item...

IMD Mold

In-mold decorating (IMD) or in-mold labeling (IML) is a process for decorating or labeling injection molded plastic part...

2 Color Mold

Double Injection mold, sometimes known as 2 material / 2 shot mold, 2 color injection mold or 2K mold, is an innovative ...

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Our Quality


Excellent mold engineering

We do not hesitate to say that we have the best Engineering team in product and mold industries, Our team have full evaluation for each design before machining.


Reasonable machining process

From Milling, grinding, drilling, NC machining, Wire-cutting , EDM machining, Spotting, Polishing, assembly, We have a professional staff responsible for each link and follow up closely.


Rich experienced craftsman

In the hands of our experienced and responsible craftsmen, the quality of each set of mold is presented perfectly, Always pursue the best during mold spotting.


High efficiency mold sampling

We try to reach mass production status from the first trial of each mold, all the mold conditions close to final production status for each sampling, An excellent mold is produced in the process of continuous optimization.

What Client Say

This is the most perfect processing company I've ever seen, and every link is very tightly controlled.

-------------------------Paul Kaufman

Everyone is very easy to get along with and the working atmosphere is quite harmonious.

--------------------------Rick Owens

Excellent work, honest communication, excellent mold development technology.


I really appreciated your fast delivery for our anxious project , Really excellent quality part in a short lead time, Great team.  


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Meetmoulds have partners both in north and south of China. Headquarters located in:

Room203, Unit2, Building46, NO.702 Shanhe Road, Chengyang district, Qingdao, Shandong, China.
Phone: +8617753297989