Automotive Injection Mold

  • Auto Head Lamp Mold

    Auto Head Lamp Mold

    Auto head / side turn / tail lamp mold Capability Auto head lamp Mold Auto side trun lamp mold Auto tail lamp mold The major aspects of the auto lamps are plastic components, which are made through mold machining and injection production. The most important element is mould....Read More

  • Auto Bumper Mold

    Auto Bumper Mold

    Auto Griller/front bumper/back bump mold Capability Auto griller mold Auto front bumper mold Auto back bumper mold Griller and Bumper is the most important decoration plastic parts for a beautiful car. Generally there are 3 kinds Auto griller parts, Engine intake griller/...Read More

  • Auto Fender Mold

    Auto Fender Mold

    Auto fender / wheel splash shield/ out door handle/ mirror mold Capability Auto fender mold Auto wheel splash shield mold Auto out door handle mold Auto mirror mold Exterior auto parts, but surface decoration will be painted or electroplated, So mold finishing is also...Read More

  • Auto Dashboard Mold

    Auto Dashboard Mold

    Auto dashboard /instrument panel mold Capability Auto dashboard mold Auto instrument panel mold Auxiliary instrument panel Auto dashboard and Auxiliary instrument panel are the largest interior decoration part for a car, Almost all other interior car parts assembled to them,...Read More

  • Auto Sunroof Mold

    Auto Sunroof Mold

    Auto dashboard /instrument panel mold Capability Auto door Panel mold Auto pillar mold Auto glove box mold Auto sunroof mold Auto rear parcel shelf mold Auto door pannel part is the medium interior decoration part for a car, Meetmoulds have ability to make such part, also...Read More

  • Auto Console Mold

    Auto Console Mold

    Auto console / console button / air-condition mold Capability Auto console mold Auto console button mold Auto air-condition mold Auto console related parts are precision injection molded and require high precision equipment for machining and injection molding. Meetmoulds have...Read More

  • Auto Intake Manifold Mold

    Auto Intake Manifold Mold

    Auto intake manifold/water tank/pipe / air tank Capability Auto intake manifold mold Auto water tank mold Auto pipe mold Auto Air tank mold Auto Intake manifold part is engine related most complicated plastic parts, Meetmoulds have ability to make such part, also many similar...Read More

  • Auto Engine Related Parts Mold

    Auto Engine Related Parts Mold

    Auto oil pan side cover/cylinder cover/ engine related parts / electronic componnet mold Capability Auto oil pan slide cover mold Auto cylinder cover mold Auto engine related parts mold Auto electronic component mold Auto Engine structural part is engine related plastic part,...Read More

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