Mold Technology

  • Precision Injection Mold

    Precision Injection Mold

    Precision Mold Capability Gear injection mold Earphone injection mold electronic connector mold Precision connector mold Precision components Advantage of Precision mold conponnet and machining: Minimum plastic molding pitch 0.300mm Product tolerances within 0.007mm Profiled...Read More

  • 2 Shots Mold

    2 Shots Mold

    2 shots mold Capability 2K injection mold 2 color injection mold Overmold Insert molding mold Multi shots mold Double injection mold Double Injection mold, sometimes known as 2 material 2 shot molding, 2 color injection mold or 2K molding, is an innovative manufacturing...Read More

  • Unscrewing Mold

    Unscrewing Mold

    Unscrewing mold Capability Cap mold collapsible core mold Rack and gear mold hydraulic motor mold Unscrewing Molds are used to produce parts with internal or external threads for the medical equipments industries, agriculture, water applications, cosmetics manufacturers, and...Read More

  • Low Pressure Mold

    Low Pressure Mold

    Low pressure mold Capability Low pressure injection mold Structural foaming mold Structural Foam Molding Technology Structural foam molding is a low pressure injection molding process where an inert gas is introduced into melted polymer for the purpose of reducing density and...Read More

  • SMC Mold

    SMC Mold

    SMC mold Capability compression mold BMC mold(Bulk molding compound mold) GMT mold LFT mold Carbon fiber mold SMC mold SMC is a mixture of polymer resin, inert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalysts, pigments, stabilizers, release agents, and thickeners. Manufacturing of SMC...Read More

  • Stack Mold

    Stack Mold

    Stack mold Capability Stack mould Stack plastic mold Stack plastic tool Stack injection mould Stack injection tool The defining characteristic of a stack mold is the two mold parting surfaces or mold split lines. A stack mold does not require much more clamp force than a...Read More

  • IMD Mold

    IMD Mold

    IMD mold Capability IMD mould IML mold In-mold decorating mold In-mold labeling mold In-mold decorating (IMD) or in-mold labeling (IML) is a process for decorating or labeling injection molded plastic parts or components during the plastic injection molding cycle. In the...Read More

  • Prototype Mold

    Prototype Mold

    Prototype mold Capability Prototype mould Prototype plastic mold Prototype plastic tool Prototype injection mould Rapid prototype mold Prototypes are important in the development process of plastic injection molded components, saving time and money by helping detect design...Read More

  • Gas Assistant Mold

    Gas Assistant Mold

    Gas assistant mold Capability Gas assistant mould Gas assistant plastic mold Gas assistant plastic tool Gas assistant injection mould Gas assistant injection tool Gas assist injection molding is a low pressure process that requires the injection of pressurized nitrogen gas...Read More

  • Interchangeable Insert Mold

    Interchangeable Insert Mold

    Interchangeable insert mold Capability Interchangeable insert mould Interchangeable insert plastic mold Interchangeable insert plastic tool Interchangeable insert injection mould Interchangeable insert injection tool Multiple parts that have only minor variations between them...Read More

  • Thin Wall Mold

    Thin Wall Mold

    Thin wall mold Capability Thin wall mould Thin wall plastic mold Thin wall plastic tool Thin wall injection mould High speed injection mold Speed is one of the key attributes of successful thin-wall molding. Faster filling and higher pressures are required to drive molten...Read More

  • Liquid Injection Mold

    Liquid Injection Mold

    Liquid injection mold Capability Liquid injection molding Silicone injection mold Runner injection mold Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) and Transfer Molding are preferred processes for manufacturing solid silicone rubber items used in a wide range of applications such as...Read More

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