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Injection Molding Capability Insert molding Over molding Two shots injection molding Gas assit molding Stack mold injection molding Meetmoulds Plastic Injection Molding Service: Cooperated with our partners who have rich experience in plastic injection molding industries, Meetmoulds has grown to...

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Injection Molding
Insert molding
Over molding
Two shots injection molding
Gas assit molding
Stack mold injection molding


Meetmoulds Plastic Injection Molding Service:
Cooperated with our partners who have rich experience in plastic injection molding industries, Meetmoulds has grown to be recognized as a good supplier in custom plastic injection molding. Partnering with OEMs worldwide, in a wide range of industries, we can design and mold custom plastic parts and assemblies that enhance end products, reduce overall part and production costs, and streamline assembly and manufacturing processes.
Our experience in complex plastic injection molding includes high cavitation molds, unscrewing molds, stack molds, complex multi-cavity and multi-slide molds. Some solutions include metal to plastic conversions, or the combination of multiple parts and integration of secondary operations into the plastic injection molding operation, using technologies such as multi-shot molding, overmolding or in-mold decorating and labeling.


• Large part molding
Outboard marine motor covers
Agricultural equipment
Lawn and garden pastic parts
Plastic pallets
Appliance components and panels
Instrument panels
Impeller and fan blades
Irrigation component


• Thin wall pastic injection molding

Plastic packaging and plastic components that weight less

Plastic packaging

Use of less plastic material – save on material costs

Food packaging

Lower overall part cost

Plastic housings

Expanded packaging design options

Medical devices

Faster production speed, increased productivity, lower production cost

Medical disposables and medical device packaging

Consumer products and consumer product plastic packaging

Plastic containers and lids

Electronic housings and protection

• Multi-shot molding

Multi-color, multi-material and multi-component parts

More complex parts and reduced cost

Soft touch handle grips and components

Production, handling and assembly efficiencies and savings

Power tool handles

Reduction of multiple and secondary operations

Electric toothbrush handles

Lower part cost

Multi-color parts, switches, knobs, enclosures and assemblies

Movable parts and components

Parts with flexible hinges

Vibration, noise dampening and isolation

Caps and enclosures

Medical devices

Dental products

Two toned plastic lenses


• In-mold decorating (IMD)/In-mold labeling (IML)
Ability to use flat, curved or 3D-formed labels and graphics
Elimination of secondary labeling and decorating operations and costs, since injection molding and labeling/decorating are accomplished in one step
Elimination of adhesives with ability to apply labels and graphics on plastic in one step, unlike pressure sensitive labels
Ability to apply labels and graphics on plastic parts and containers'sides and bottoms all in one step, unlike pressure-sensitive labeling
Label inventory reduction
Ability to achieve high abrasion and chemical resistance using special hard coatings
Easy design variations by changing labeling film or graphic inserts, even in the same part run
Continuous image transfers with high positioning tolerances
Wide range of colors, effects, textures and graphic options


• Overmolding
Reduced secondary operation, assembly and labor costs (Molded as one assembly)
Eliminates bonding step in the manufacturing process (Improved component reliability)
Plastic overmolded components ensure proper alignment, prevents loosening and the plastic resin can provide improved resistance to vibration
Improved part strength and structure
Enhanced design flexibility and multi-material components.


• Insert molding
Reduced assembly and labor costs.
Reduced size and weight
Improved component reliability
Improved part strength and structure
Enhanced design flexibility (Custom plastic insert molding allows for almost unlimited configurations and material combinations)
Consolidation of components


• Gas assist molding
Less plastic material needed (material savings)
Reduced part weight (in some cases up to 40%)
Decreased cycle time
Increased part strength and rigidity
Reduced warpage and distortion
Improved part appearance (eliminates sink marks and surface blemishes)
Reinforces ribbed parts
Increased design options for complex parts, reducing multiple part assemblies, and metal to plastic conversions


• Stack molds injection
Doubled part production (more for three- and four-level stack molds)
Optimal molding efficiency
Reduced production and part cost
Ability to mold multi-component assemblies or a family of parts in one shot on one plastic injection molding machine


• Robotics and Automation
Custom end of arm tooling
Part loading and insert loading automation
Part picking and handling automation
In-mold decorating and labeling automation
Overmolding (press-to-press transfer) automation
Vision inspection systems and other quality inspection and verification automation
Automated sorting, stacking, assembly, packaging and other downstream operations
Custom fixtures and automation components
Simple robotics to complete automation cells
Automation of on-line and off-line operations


• Horizontal plastic injection molding
• Vertical plastic injection molding
• Liquid silicone Injection Molding

Low viscosity and lower injection pressure, good for silicon molding
Good chemical stability and environmental protection
High dimensional accuracy
It produces high quality parts without secondary finishing and allows much shorter production cycles than other processes.
Over-molding together with hard plastic frame (PC or ABS etc.) for waterproof devices, shock proofing, shielding, etc.
Very thin wall design (0.25mm thick around) for silicone to adhere on plastic housing (rib) to meet the demand of low profile product design.
Water proof feature can be secured by the combination of soft rubber contacts and with constant pressure provided by hard plastic housing (rib).


From basic polypropylene to engineering grade ABS and polycarbonate, our team works closely with our resin suppliers to help you determine the most effective material for your product, at the right price.
Although we have molded thousands of different resins, we specialize in engineering gradethermoplastics, including:
ABS | Polycarbonate | ABS/Polycarbonate Blends | Nylon | TPE | Acrylic
The top commodity grade thermoplastic resins that we injection mold product from includes:
Polystyrene | Polypropylene | Polyethylene | High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

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