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Our business model relies on the contributions and efforts of talented people,We support our team members with ongoing training and an employee culture that rewards innovation, great ideas, and hard work and always puts the customer first.
This encourages our employees to take responsibility for every aspect of a job to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


For every project, Accouting cost togeter with at least five strategic tool makers, we will find the best tool solution and competetitive price
To meet your budget and quality requirement, We will never sacrifice tool quality to persue cheap and cheap tool.
We save cost for you, but quality is top thing. Our sales manager will serve you at any time in quick turnaround.


Meet Moulds is well versed in the advanced usage of Mold Flow software and techniques
Predicting flow patterns and identifying potential mold filling concerns early on will save time and revision costs later in the project.

Quality control ---------Engineering--------- Project Management

A full Design finishing checklist will be filled by our engineers, Ensure all design details is under our control. Checklist will eventually be sorted into our mould delivery data book.

At the beginning, Our professional engineers will study your part together with the engineers in shop, Learn the part function, important tight tolerance.
High decorative surface, Etc. Make analysis report for Mold flowing, wall stock thickness, potential sink marks, warpage, Etc.
We will give you suggestions to improve your part design to avoid potentional problem we find in injection molding. After these preliminary works, we determine the part Layout, Mold structure, Side actions,Parting Lines, Gate position, Cooling, Ejection,Etc.
All these are finished by our experienced engineering team together with manufactures. Then finish the design in 3D solid, 2D assembly drawing, detailed component drawings, and all components list. All of our mold designs are completely detailed as well as any written instructions that may be required for special mold functions. If there's a way to build it better, we'll find it!

Study the design together with engineers, communicate with client for all problems during design. Learn what are critical features, so all critical things are better controled by the manager in the following process. 

Quality control ---------Programing & Electrodes--------- Project Management

Make sure we have correct mahining program for main insert.
Inspect all the electrode and make inspection report, prepare for the next EDM machining

Our machining responsible artisan has more than 15 years experice in mold manufacturing, Determine and oversight the main insert machining process together with the empolyees in the tool shop, Chose the most suitable machining method and euipment to ensure the accuracy
Especially for the high visible molding surface insert, make sure we have the correct processing method. Check that the CNC machining program is correct.
Make machining procedure sheet for every insert.Insure fully prepared for the next machining process.
In nearly every project, companies focus on mold delivery lead times as the pacing item. The truth of the matter is better DFM in the beginning of a project leads to a shorter overall project timeline.

Prepare the processing status updating report, Develop, coordinate, & execute a specific inspection plan.
Communicate with client to begin cutting steel

Quality control ---------Actual Machining--------- Project Management

Oversight the tool maker to inspect the insert after every machining process, and make fully inspection report after every procudure finished, and a machining checklist will be filled by our inspector, Finally all documents will be sorted into our mould delivery data book.

Before machining, all insert steel that purchased by supplier must be checked by our inspector, Must be match the steel specifications and certificate must be provided, Ensure that we have correct steel that client asked for, we will never permit similar steel substitute. 
Our specialty machinists are expert in programming and well-qualified to operate the high-tech machinery that controls our whole production process. 
Meet Moulds know the machining ability for each mould maker that cooperated with us, From preliminary milling / grinding to drlling to wire-cutting to CNC machinging to EDM, every process that completed in supplier's facility is under our control and oversight. 
So we can find problems in time and make right solution. We keep continuous improvement for every machining details, We believe that the strong machining ability is a necessary guarantee for every excellent tools. 
By putting your mold requirements in our hands, you are putting them in the best hands possible.

Update the schedule processing report to cliet every week with pictures of main inserts. Ensure that each insert is completed in accordance with the plan. Communicate with supplier for important things during the whole process, such as critical dimension control.

Quality control ---------Polishing--------- Project Management

Make sure every insert have correct surface finish before sampling, especially for the deep rib and EDM area. No EDM marks and CNC cutting marks allowed for first trial samples

Polish is important, Especially for the high cosmetic and ctystal part, we are expert in this area, Meet moulds have a long-term partnership with a high-leval polishing team, They have more than 15 years of experience in the field of professional polishing, If supplier can not provide us as good finish as we asked for, they will get what we want and satisfy customers.

Communicate with client for the surface finish they want for first trial, especially for the texture finish, make sure we have good polish first, then texture the insert.

Quality control ---------Tool Fitting and Assembly--------- Project Management

Oversight and guide the supplier to fit and assemble the tool, a assembly checklist will be filled by our inspector, Finally all documents will be sorted into our mould delivery data book.

Master craftsman-caliber moldmakers mean quality can be found in every detail. Their knowledge and experience in the industry is incomparable.
In today's work force. They have dedicated their lives to their trade. Luckly we have such careful and capable craftsman to oversight our mould fitting process and assembly, They use their experience to guide the supplier how to spotting our mold, Insure every component is right fitted, even if it is a ejection pin or small insert, has been tested by themselves, make sure the mold do not have any small issues when production.
Our skilled craftsmen are committed to quality and professionalism. they aren't just words. They're words to live by.

Update the schedule processing report to cliet every week with pictures, Re-check that all special requirement from client are correctly finished before sampling.
Communite with client to prepare for sampling.

Quality control ---------Sampling--------- Project Management

Make a record for all issues we found in sampling process, injection processing parameter. inspection the sample and make full dimensional report, all documents will be sorted into our mould delivery data book.

Our project manager, Engineer, Craftsman, Inspector will participate in the whole sampling process, So everyone know our tool issues when run at the first time, Some problem can be fixed immediately in the press machine, other problem will be sorted into a sampling sheet by project manager
And we will make a full shape and dimension inspection report for the first samples, we will double check the steel if we found a problem.
We list all problems in the sheet one by one, and our manager will give right solution for each problem. We will follow up the supplier to fix the problem, and verify that all problems is solved before next trial. Till that we have a perfect part approved by client.
The samples will ship to client for testing by UPS/FEDEX/DHL express service. It is very quick and take about 2 or 3 days to your location.

The experienced project manager can trouble shoot any mold issue and come up with the right solution, Then list all the issues in the sampling sheet, communicate with client and supplier to fix the tool till all problem solved.
Ship the samples to Client for testing.

Quality control ---------Fixing after first trial--------- Project Management

Check the tool per the sampling evaluation sheet, make sure all the issue fixed one by one, and take pictures for record, Re-check the dimension that modified last time.

Meet Moulds'craftsman will work together with supplier to fix the tool after first trial, a good solution can save a lot of work and solve problem at one time, In order to reduce repeated the number of mold testing, Our project manager will check the tool before next sampling, We will never allow supplier to weld the insert unless we get permission from client. Otherwise we will ask supplier to replace new insert. Fixing after first trialWe never sacrify the mould life during the fixing process, Quality is the top thing in every detail of our molds.

Communicate with supplier to solve all problems in first trial, Have a meeting with supplier to evaluate the problem, make sure all of us at the same line and everyone know how to fix that.

Quality control ---------Disassembly checking before shipping--------- Project Management

Fill the mold completion checklist during the disassembly process, Take pictures for every details and sorted into mould delivery date book.

Disassemly checking is very import for a tool that exported to overseas, we will perform a thorough inspection of all detail component.
And perform mold maintenance and anti-rust activities, Take pictures for every detailed component, Make sure every component is well finished and meet customer technical standard. Test the Cooling / Ejection / Hot runner Etc. Insure that client can just put the tool in press machine and make the production smoothly. A mould data book will be provided after everythings finished.

Check with engineers that the mould data is final and provided to client.

Quality control ---------Packing and Shipping--------- Project Management

Make sure the mold is paint or fully anti-rust per client's requirement, and take pictures for the mold packing process.
Insure the packing is firm and reliable.

We are experts in exported mould packing, we have sent more than 1,000 molds to overseas country successfully, Our packing is firm and beautiful.
Meet Moulds have long-term partnership with 3 logistics company, And we have our own staff responsible for freight forwarder. Make sure your package arrives safely on time, and smooth customs clearance. Either Air shipping or Ocean shipping, Full container or small package, we can give you a competitive price and as best service as we can. As long as you believe us, We can do a great job with our current resource.

Communicate with client where and how to ship the mould, arrange the shipping date with forwarder company, and provide custom clearance documents to client.

Mold data after finishing
Compile mold manual at the end of each project which includes: Our advance in project management

3D Models/2D Drawing of part
Bill of Materials
Design Drawings
Hot Runner System Drawings/Maintenance Info
Mold Trial Processing Info
Certifications and Inspection Data – Plastic
Certifications and Inspection Data – Steel
Mold Checklist from Toolmaker
Mold Photos

Provide project status updates
Develop, coordinate, & execute a specific inspection plan
Oversight of mold qualification and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)