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Quality Must Be A Fully System Control, Full participation, zero defect!
STEEL------Basic building matetial of an excellent mold!
Meet Moulds build long-term business with wordwide steel supplier, When it comes to injection molds, making the right steel choice is critical
Especially for high-volume production and high cosmetic products, We will communicate with the client to understand of how many parts the mold was expected to produce, the surface finish requirements, target cycle times, and the resin material they were using. To help our customer to get the best steel choice, A fully certification reports of steel will be provided to client together with molds.


Standard Parts------Auxiliary building material of an excellent mold!
Cooperation with the world's top mold standard components suppliers, First of all, Client will never worry about the quality of our standard parts
All our mold standard conponents is replaceable in your own country, It becomes easy and convenient for mold after sale's maintenance.
These benefits provide lower maintenance costs, longer mold life, and more consistent product quality. No matter which country you come from, We can meet your standard you are always using.


Professional design------Root of an excellent Mold!
Meet Moulds believe that a good design is the root of everything for a mold, So in China,w e have combined with a lot of excellent design team and mold experts, We do not hesitate to say that we have the best design resources and capabilities in China. As time goes by, more and more design source we will have and our experience and ability are constantly on the progress. For every of our tools, No matter how small and simple or how complex and big, it must be evaluated and inspected by our design team, from the overall structure of the mold to a small screw for assembly, we do meticulous!


Quality processing------The escort of an excellent mold!
We have more sophisticated processing equipment, but good team cooperation and full participation in quality management consciousness is much important.
From Milling, grinding, drlling, NC maching, Wire-cutting,EDMmachining, Spotting, Polishing, assembly, Sampling to packing and shipping
We have a professional staff responsible for each link and follow up closely.


Carefully Inspection------Guarantee of an excellent mold!
With sophisticated inpection equipment,Take full participation in the way to control quality, pay attention to the process of inspection, self inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection in three ways to ensure the quality of processing and processing accuracy
To achieve zero defect in the products'quality is always our goal!


Interchangeability------Make the aftersales and maintenance easily!
Our attention to detail and our manufacturing discipline create precision components that provide you the benefits of full interchangeability of components
These benefits provide lower maintenance costs, longer mold life, and more consistent product quality. If you trust us, you will gain the best service!

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Standard parts interchangeable Easy wear out parts interchangeable
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Mold easy broken inserts interchangeable Hot runner system interchangeable